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Customer service

There is more to customer service than being polite or respectful. How you present yourself is a big part of it. I, for one, am fed up with walking into a place - a store, a restaurant, a bank etc. and having an employee chewing gum and/or blowing bubbles while they are talking to me. How unprofessional! I am fed up with walking into a fast food place or some other establishment and having to wait while an employee is talking on their cell phone. Any good manager would require them to put it away when they come on duty, and if that doesn't work, send them packing. There's enough people out here looking for jobs that would be willing to work. I am fed up with going to places and having to face an employee who has a neckline plunging to the belly button - when I go to a restaurant to eat, it is not your breasts I want to see - I came for the chicken breast! You won't get a bigger tip for it - you may not get one at all or I may just leave. Looking professional goes along way to being professional - whether you work in fast food or a bank. I am self-employed and I have had customers walk into my business and be extremely rude or start customer. I nicely tell them that it is not acceptable in my business and I will be glad to help them, but I will not be cussed at. The door works both ways - you can go out of it as fast as you come through it. I try to always be polite and not lose my patience - the customer is why I have a business in the first place, but that doesn't mean I will accept hatefulness and you cussing at me.


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