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The Customer is Always Right?

As a customer, I know that yes, sometimes customer service is REALLY lacking in some establishments. You can always tell the "associates" in these places that really don't give a crap about you, or their job, or anything but getting their paychecks at the end of the week. It's obvious. However, as someone who works in customer service, I also know that sometimes there are employees that are having a bad day for whatever reason. They failed a test, their cat died, or, most commonly, they've had to deal with 8 hours of rude customers. I hate to say it but in the years that I've been in customer service, I have seen so many times where a customer will completely belittle, embarrass, and harrass the employee. Yes, my job is to help customers, and I love it when I do help someone find the exact item they are looking for. However, my job is not to stand there while you yell at me because we don't have an item you saw online in our store. I also cannot control the prices or give you an arbitrary discount. Contrary to popular belief, the customer is not always right. They just think they should be. Why should we as customer service associates have to put up with your temper tantrums when we are only trying to help you? If we came into your law office, or doctor's waiting room or what have you and did the same thing, we would either be kicked out or had the law called on us...however because we work in retail or a restaurant we are supposed to put up with it because, you guessed it, the customer is always right.


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