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Let me guess MORE ACCURATELY about you...

You and the neighbors in your trailer park are as confused about annexation as you would be if you went to a store that didnt sell tires and underwear on the same aisle, so everyone else is a yankee that doesnt understand NHC, right?

Wrong. This county has the WORST RECORD of doing things correctly, appropriately and within a sufficient time frame/ its a bit disconcerning to see more people with power that couldnt tell their a$$ from a hole in the ground, grant them a stay of sorts.

Put down the roadkill stew, exit thepeopleofwalmart dot com and read about whats really going to happen with this annexation somewhere online that explains it in some form of terms/language youd understand, because it sure isnt standard/proper English if you dont understand it by now.

And no, Im not new here. I lived on Masonboro Loop Road when it was a dirt road and had about 7 cars a day worth of traffic on it.


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