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Monkey Junction

Actually a fifth of the Monkey Junction area already voluntarily annexed itself - Belle Meade Woods, Willoughby Park, Myrtle Grove Village, and Still Meadow Village - well before all of this went down. With so much of the junction already a part of Wilmington and recent self-annexation of River Rd for a new high-end development, it makes perfect logistical and political sense to unify the southern border with the entirity of the junction area.

And if you're not aware Wilmington did annex poor areas as well in Monkey Junction. In fact its the poorest portion of the Junction - Royal Palms MHP - that is fighting the annexation, not the richest portions. To be perfectly honest the richest portions of the Junction aside from the Walmart, Home Depot, The Gardens, & Tesla Park have already voluntarily annexed themselves. Most of the Junction residents are lower middle-class. Its hardly anywhere close to the upper class portions of the county - Dolphin Bay, Wrightsville Beach, Figure Eight Island, and Landfall. Not even really close to the upper middle class either that lives in Masonboro South and Porter's Neck.

If Wilmington was really after the money its in Ogden and Masonboro South. The non-annexed areas of Monkey Junction have an assessed value of around $538 million. Ogden and Masonboro South study areas are easily assessed over $1 billion. They also have a study area for Silva Terra which would smooth over the southern Wilmington boundaries with the largly lower middle-class neighborhood. Although you can definitely say that Wilmington certainly isn't eyeing the lower middle-class and drug-ridden Apple Valley area.


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