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It actually goes like THIS...

We BUILT a home we COULD AFFORD, (none of your business how much), and we purposely located it well outside of the city limits, and we WERE SMART ENOUGH NOT TO live in the inner city where we would be PAYING CITY TAXES for 20 years. We already pay County Taxes...and had AND have NO INTENTION to pay DUAL taxes. SO, yep, us Capitalists were smart enough to avoid City taxes for 20 years and still counting....

Can you say the same? Do YOU LOVE to pay DUAL TAXES to BOTH the CITY And the COUNTY??

"Is you".... CRAAAAAAZZZY??? Talk about taking stupid pills!

We did indeed expect there to be growth or change that would affect our property tax rate, but since we are capitalists who do not believe in Illegal Annexation, and subsequent Tax Bills, we will fight it to the Supreme Court.

Can you say the same? Take a stand and Believe in what our Founding Fathers Taught Us~

"No Taxation without Representation" and How about this one...

"Give me Liberty, or Give me Death" or this one,

"You can have my GUNS when you pry my cold, dead hands away from it!"

And QUIT with the crap...."We moved down here from (pa, ny, etc)"...
Almost all of our neighbors are SOUTHERNERS! Geeze!

Quit fighting the Civil War, WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY, the REVENUER is!!!

Got that???

"Stay outta my holler, you damn revenuer" 333


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