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I am so sick of hearing Sh*#

I am so sick of hearing Sh*# from Brian Berger, the Commissioners in general and the rest of the PAID losers at the county offices, that I just want to scream!

I'd like to kick every politicians a$$ who lies when they are asked a DIRECT Question, like "What other job do you hold? or "So, you are a consultant?....of who or what, Mr. Berger?, what is it that you actually do for a living?" See, we should have had him under OATH to answer a simple question. Perhaps, he needs to be under a Grand Jury Investigation.


Candidates, MARK my WORDS, That is indeed your FAIR warning if you think you can get away with one iota of this sort of nonsense.

Nationally and Locally~
We have +9.1% Unemployment, (More like 25%),
we have a president who hates business, loves unions, and will sell this country OUT in a heartbeat.
We have Exorbitant gasoline prices, we sent million$ to Braz$il to enable oil drilling with encouragement and accolades from the U.S. President for doing so, while he issued a stop drilling order here in the U.S.A. (causing massive job loss and companies to pack up and leave the country.... for places to CREATE WEALTH, not Re-distribute it.
Yes, we have LIQUID GOLD WATER COSTS local yokel abuses, Jobs that get started and ABRUPTLY STOP, like South College Roads Ridiculous Continuous Islands,
Sadly, we empathize with our neighbors in New Hanover County Homes being foreclosed upon, having been more prevalent and devastating to local families than ever before in Wilmington North Carolina's rich and robust history,

(Damn Yankee, here, please don't keep asking me to LEAVE, just b/c we disagree on some basic principles of living the American Dream.

I guess you love paying HIGH TAXES while you are working 3 part-time, low-paying jobs, with an advanced degree, while trying to keep FOOD in your refrigerator.
I like you Southerners,Northerners, Mid-westerners, etc., and care about you! I surely would NEVER Kick you in the TEETH while you are down like your president is doing. *(I know that I should capitalize President, like President Bush, but this guy disregards everything, so he taught me how to do the same).

I have a Point, and please indulge....
We now enjoy Mid-Afternoon Murders in the heart of our PREVIOUSLY fair City, while children are walking home from school bus stops nearby,
We suffer national abortion rates that repulse 'responsible' men and women who value life and who ascertain that there is a correlation to abortions and left wing ideologues that de-value life, as easily as they tend to de-value liberty, the nuclear family, Christian values and the hard earned dollar/

Loving instead govern'mental' intervention, by insisting on pro-choice, womyn-libber values, tax hikes for the we are engaged in three Wars, double digit inflation and a Depression that is Manic but not Great,

We learn new language phrases everyday, such as Home Invasions and MOBILE METH LABS but wish we did not,
Still, we see Liberals in the Vast Far-Left Field citing "Bush did it" talk, and this is all HIS fault,

Most importantly, we have a president who does not appear to care about anything, very disjointed and apologetic when traveling to other Countries and speaking about our ONCE GREAT nation. We watch as the President of the United States of America bows in umbrage to...anyone, in UTTER DISBELIEF! We watch as the President of the United States of America accepts a book as a gift from chavez...and so so so much more

We give him Bin Laden and his leadership ability on that ONE INSTANCE>

We ignore epidemic drug problems, in the form of crack houses and meth labs in every part of this city, because We are Believers that it may all FLITTER AWAY someday, real soon.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT WON'T GO AWAY? Answer: Brian Berger!


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