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This situation would be funny if it weren't so pathetic for several reasons:

(1) The neighbors may be nosy and may be blowing it out of proportion, but they pay HOA to take care of these things and they should expect some help. Also, I lived near a situation like this many years ago while we were in the Air Force and it can be unpleasant,especially in warm weather, but fortunately when you are in base housing, they have strict rules and you will abide by them or you can lose your housing;

(2) I feel for the owner of the dog. Why? Evidently they are not responsible enough to have a pet because they don't seem to be taking very good care of it. Anyone that has a loved pet will keep its area clean and nice for it. Also, it makes you wonder what inside the house might look like - just saying!

(3) I feel for the pet for the above reasons. Doesn't sound like it has a responsible loving owner

(4) I can't believe the news channel can't find more important relevant issues to report on. There are children and adults that are being treated worse than this but do they investigate? Probably not.

(5) Even with all that is going on, those ladies have NO business looking through or over the fencing and bringing in total strangers to do so. I thought secret peeping or taking pictures without consent through fences was against the law!!!!!!!!!!


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