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Give me a break!

Another commissioner who has lost it! I'm sure it won't be long before the NAACP has something to say about this too!
Good grief!! In that case I want on that band wagon...I feel harassed every time I see a Bruns Co deputy on Hwy 17. He might be following me. I also feel harassed every time I drive past the 2 deputies houses on the way to mine...they might be doing a stake out and only pretending to "live there" so that they can watch my every move and report to a higher authority every time I leave my home.
Next time a deputy pulls up beside me at a RED traffic light or stop sign I'm going to run it, but only because I feel threatened.
Come on Warren! Grow a set. Get out of your car and CONFRONT them or at least ASK them what they are doing. I've done that before and I'm a 5'6" female!!
And what were you doing on the SIDE OF MIDWAY RD?? Were you at Crack Hill? Of course the deputy stopped, that's what they are supposed to do. If he knows who you are (which obviously he does) the WHY would he ask you for your license??? I'm sure if he had you'd be b*tching about that too...probably something to the effect of "he was harassing me by asking for my license, he already knows who I am. He just did it to harass me because I'm a black man stopped on the side of the road"


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