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wilmwacker said
"You're a paranoid idiot. Why don't you call Berger and talk to him; instead of believe what other people told you to believe and regurgitate it as if it was your own original thought. You've never done that have you? You read WWAY and that's good enough for you to consider yourself "informed". HAH! Get off of your ass. I bet you didn't even vote in the last election.

It's so brave and courageous being an anonymous armchair quarterback on the internet!!!"

Well, there is an intelligent and well thought out reply. LOL

Regardless of the amount of money that will be spent on this silly and inconsequential investigation, we all realize Berger must go.
We made a mistake by electing this fool and now we are paying for it.

We must remember that sometimes, in our haste to make changes in local government, we do not pay enough attention to those we choose to elect.

Hopefully we can be more diligent in the next election.

As for Mr. McCoy's rant,it seems it was as much a complaint of the media as it was a defense of Mr. Berger.

He has a point, albeit a very tiny one, that someone in Government may have leaked private personnel information to the media.

Now that the information has been legally released from a public document request his rant is really a moot point.


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