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So the DA of NHC knows nothing about the law..

but the sherrif of NHC thinks he has a case? Who is the attorney here? Who tries cases every day in court? Of all the cases that Ed wanted to get involved with and override the DA's ruling, he decides to stand with Berger..we as citizens of NHC should NOT be allowing more money to be played into a "you picking on me" parade..the fact is Berger got unemployment benefits, he failed to disclose it to his voters and the media, even lied about being an consultant for an imaginary business, he even used anti-benefits as his platform when running for commissioner and now he wants to find a scapegoat while at the same time using taxpayers dollars and take away someone else living and have them file unemployment just so he can say he was victim? The victim is NHC for voting this nutjob into office..there are bigger issues in NHC especially with teachers being laid off..Ed, how about taking an interest in the gang problems, the white hookers in black neighborhoods, the meth houses being leased to section 8 renters..I'm sure there is something better to occupy your time than doing an investigation on "leaked" records!


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