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Hey sickofit~

I like your blogname and assume that you chose that name because you are talking about the inefficient County Commission, or any number of foibles at the local or state level.
However, when you wrote:

"Brian Berger may not fit in your little box, but he does represent the people that are sick of, and fed up with, governments out of control spending", I disagree with you.

While I am not a happy camper regarding the many serious issues that we face each and every day, Brian Berger will NEVER be competent enough to remotely represent me as a serious tax payer and citizen of New Hanover County.

His communication, interpersonal and intra-personal skills are lacking.
His ability to format clear, concise written matter is greatly flawed, as we noted with his diatribe of 14(?) pages.

His judgement is muddled. He chose to call a press conference to say that the other commissioners are pickin' on him, or something like that...I don't know, I walked out of the room shaking my head.

His comprehension of what may be an important meeting is questionable at best, especially when he was going to miss NC County Commissioners?General Assembly day.... and his NUMEROUS tardiness is inexcusable. He DOES NOT represent me. I am competent,responsible and respected.

HE never was my choice of a Republican to rep me in County matters, but I gave him MANY, MANY chances since he SOMEHOW managed to get elected...
much to my dismay now.

I TOO am sickofitall, and WISH upon the falling stars in the evening sky that he would RESIGN TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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