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The way things are

Yes, but you see, Columbus County elected good old boys (and girls) do not care about victims' rights or the public safety. They only exist to feed their drive for power. They get laws passed to create longer terms for judges. They work for legislation that would keep a judge from having to travel. They work behind the scenes to keep their friends in power. They handle and "fix" cases in the backrooms instead of the courtrooms. These are the men (and women) of Columbus County (and Brunswick County) that work in the house that The Machine built.

RC worked to divide the District so that Ola, a higher-timed and more favored judge could have her power seat. RC also scored big with Gov. Easley as Gov. Hunts former NC State dorm buddy Rhone Sasser had a son that wanted to have his seat of power. Thus Judicial District 13 became 13a and 13b. Doug Sasser, the banker's son becomes a Senior Resident over 13a and Ola got 13b.
Now when they tried to work on dividing the prosecutorial district someone tipped off the press. By this time RC had a "Frog" in his throat and his power was failing. So it didn't happen. Enter Jon David. An honest Republican appears on the horizon. RC tried to divide again in an attempt to keep Rex in his power seat. The media was made aware and this second attempt to maintain power failed. These are the games these crooked men play and this is how they break the public trust.


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