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First of all this guy is completely nuts!! Being a former Navy man. I know the waters this man is treading into... and it is not something to be taken lightly. This Frucci guy seems to be somewhat of a novice sailor, and to attempt something so dangerous especially this time of year is madness. The Atlantic Ocean this time of year is a hot washing machine, and his small sailboat is going to be put through a lot. I know some very skilled sailors and they would not dream of putting that boat across the atlantic this time of year... Also the solar panel as wide as his boat shows how ignorant he is as a sailor, I'm sure it won't last to Bermuda... I'm guessing he is using it to power the cameras for his documentary... Hopefully if he makes it to Bermuda he will have the common sense to ditch it, and sail back...

From storms that seem to pop up out nowhere, to rogue waves, to commercial shipping lanes with large ships that don't move out of the way for small sailboats... this guy has no idea what is out there ahead of him... I wish him luck...a lot of luck!!!


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