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Bottom feeders and wway3

If we had any doubt about how lacking you folks are in reality,we just need to look at this rubbish. You are so biased on this matter you will literally do or say anything--and you have! Ben McCoy and others have pointed out your numerous outright lies and distortions on numerous issues. You won't respond because you cannot.
Let's talk about transparency---and the "stolen notes". A number of media outlets were offered the stolen notes--only you folks went with them and then you tried to distort what they were. The reality is that they did not just walk or fly over to you folks- they were indeed stolen. So being you are keen on transparency, why don't you tell all of us which political operative gave them to you?
On transparency again- in the private sector the individual who leaked this confidential information in this man's employment file broke county policy and has some serious issues under state and federal law. They would be long gone for that transgression in the private sector, but in this County we have different rules-maybe.
If there has been no wrongdoing then why don't you and others let us in on the person who rendered this public service?
Bottom feeders and hypocrits are in no position to play gotcha with a politician when their own acts are even more revolting. Your venom and bias are over the top and clear to most of us.


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