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What about the others?

Dear Carpetbagger,

Thanks for the patronizing attempt at being condescending. Little do you know, yankee comments such as "But as all good Southerners know" only show a deep seeded envy which comes through in your tone, not only in print, but on tv.

So why not put your envy and bias aside and investigate ALL the other members including the mayor himself with such fervor?

Does it appear to you to be a mere coincidence that a city council populated by construction company owners (or council members related to such company owners) would vote YES on projects that no one else in the city wanted, including the voting public?

Please step down from your "high pony" (po·ny~ Noun: A horse of a small breed) and investigate all claims, not just those by members that you are politically opposed to.

News is supposed to be facts presented in such a manner and by such a person that we cannot tell their beliefs on the topic.

Something which you, as well as WWAY and 95% of the modern media, fail miserably at. Youd have never made it out of latrine cleaning in the 1950s, 60s or 70s son.

Now grow a pair and move on. You dont know enough about the world to have an opinion, yet.


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