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Scott - Even though this is

Scott -

Even though this is a rant, it's become way too personal and I will probably now associate you with tabloid-style writing other than news reporting. Expose the guy, but do it with the facts. You have a condescending way of words that attacks your readers and those who commment. We can really feel the bitterness and almost see the look of contempt on your face when responding.

That aside, it would be nice if you would post or provide a link to everyone regarding Mr. Berger's voting record. This way people can decide whether or not he's doing what they asked of him. I propose that there should be a link to voting records whenever an elected candidate is discussed.

I'm not as socially conservative and I once was and despite Mr. Berger's personal transgressions, the important thing is if he refelcts the views of his consituents on a policy level.

Whattayasay Haus?


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