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You are excused

Did I say, somewhere, that it is not his fault? Its the greatest of the Deadly Sins- sweet pride. You get elected, even to a one horse thing like the CC, and a bunch of puppies start following you around telling you how wonderful you are. You get a taste of the only thing better than money- power. You start thinking you are something- which would be fine, encouraged in fact, as long as you play nice with your co-conspirators in government. He seemed to truly want to do the right thing, but lacks the power and sophistication to cover-up his ridiculous personal life like any self respecting politician would do.
His epic crash-and-burn in no way diminishes the fact that his message was sane. As the old saying goes, just because an idiot said the the sun rises in the east, doesn't make it false. Corruption in government is ubiquitous, and things happen in this little town you wouldn't believe.

Someday you people are going to wake up and realize that you can't change the system within the system. Its illogical to think you can. What system could possibly survive as long and large and powerful as government, that allows for its own destruction?


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