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Thompson is wrong

When you're an elected leader, the public expects leadership. How you conduct your private life is a great indicator of how much the public should trust you and follow your lead.

Bill Clinton committing perjury was a private matter that didn't impact his ability to govern....until he was impeached and had to spend most of his time wheeling-n-dealing to round up Senate votes to save his tail at trial.

Anthony Weiner's behavior is of a personal nature, too.....REALLY personal. Are people judging him prematurely, or too harshly?

Do you think Brian is worrying about county business right now?

As you know, I voted for Brian. Here's what I expected: Strong leadership in moving the county commission away from the "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours and we'll all wind up rich" mentality that has been the hallmark of the past fifteen years. I expected him to use every bit of his strength to get us away from mega-gifts to niche groups that are headed up by commission pals. I wanted him to move us toward a government that dealt solely with governmental matters that affect every citizen, and not select groups of citizens.

That's what I expected, but here's what I received in return for my vote: A train wreck. A guy who apparently has the self-discipline, maturity, and judgment of a fourteen year-old. Does he have an even rudimentary grasp of the responsibility we handed him? Does he have any concept of loyalty toward the people who put him in office? Did he think the reporters and cameras vanished once he was elected?

People who go from crisis to crisis to crisis to crisis are what I refer to as incompetent life mis-managers. Berger may not be collecting TANF or Medicaid, he may not have lived in Section Eight housing for the past ten years, but just like someone in those circumstances. He just can't seem to get his act together, can he?

If you pull his strings, as everyone claims, then your puppet is out of control and you're not doing a very good job as a puppeteer or power broker. If, on the other hand, you're simply a supporter and friend, then I'd advise you to pull your friend aside and give him some quick lessons on Adulthood and Self-discipline 101.


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