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You know maybe people should wait till they hear the whole story before being so quick to jump to conclusions! There are always several sides to a story and clearly WWAY is only showing the side they like the best. If you compare WWAY to other media outlets you will see that they clearly are out to show Berger in the worst light possible. While I am not saying what Berger did is ok, I am saying that WWAY has a way of stretching things and using certain word choices to make things seem worse then they are. For example, they said how Berger "slammed close the door to his house." Slamming is an act of anger. How do we know he "slammed" the door for sure? Its very easy for a reporter to claim that it was a slam when nobody was there and little things like that are not disputed. Yet you put a bunch of little words together and it can put a whole new spin on a story! Every couple has problems now and then and while some problems are bigger then others and some couples fight more then others, I really think certain people are jumping to blow this out of proportion! Blaylock even commented in the Star News how things had been blown up to something bigger then they were. Funny how she was willing to talk to other media more then WWAY. Maybe there is a reason....


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