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Not only God will judge him

There will be twelve humans judging him soon.

This is the third time I'm asking this question, but I never get an answer to it. The first time I asked was when that young man was gunned down outside the Club 609. I asked why, if he was so different, going to college and working full time as he was, was he even in that swine-pit.

No answer.

Earlier on this board I asked why Marcus was running around with three convicted felons.

No answer.

I don't understand this odd behavior. When I was a child I was taught to stay away from trouble. There were places I was told to avoid. There were people I was told to avoid.

As I grew into an adult it became second nature. Years after my wedding, my best man (who was once a straight arrow Marine) was arrested and covicted of two counts of manufacturing and selling meth. That ended the friendship right there. I've never seen him since.

When the love of my life became addicted to crack and refused to admit it and enter rehab, she basically chose drugs over me and I walked away from her.

What is it that makes people NOT realize that it is best to avoid bad people who can only get you in trouble? What made Marcus hang out with those three bums?

What GOOD did he think could come out of that?


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