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Big Surprise

Bill we know your a democrat and always will be just like Sheriff Egg McMuffin. Im sorry but the reality is the bills are coming do and we cant keep spending endlessly because certain parts of society continue to breed like dogs with no regards to how they can support them, in addition lack of positive male role models and fathers in the home is a bigger issue then you liberals ever want to admit. Lack of moral compass about whats right and wrong is whats wrong with 'at risk youth' but since you cant spank a child anymore or hell even make them feel bad about their behavior because of all the bloody touchy feely crap you libs spout off about. Enough is enough we need to go back to teaching the basics of the 10 Commandments (oh lord now hes getting religious) what the hell is wrong with teaching thou shall not steal, thou shall not kill etc??? Are they not the basis of civilized society not just hear but elsewhere. Heck the Muslims chop off hands of thieves not us but maybe they have the right idea sure would cut it down (pun intended).


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