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Well I have known Heather for a few years and I for one know she did not talk with anyone from WWAY except to clarify that her children were not involved in Thursday's incident. She has told me herself that she does not trust this station and so any information reported is from information gained from another source. Therefore, it is hardly considered an "exclusive."
Secondly, I called Heather right after seeing this posting to tell her about what has been run on this site. Heather never gave WWAY this picture, nor did they even inform her they were running a story. Sadly, her Myspace is still set to "public" and that is where WWAY got the photos from. The sick thing is that she has around 60 photos on Myspace and only about 12 of them are of this nature and that is only because she used to model and this is from her modeling portfolio. The fact out of 60 photos WWAY chose to use this one says alot about their character and what they are hoping to come across. It is a real shame when the media has to resort to this!


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