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She posed provacatively.... and then posted~

... into the social media world. It's up for grabs.... you'd think she would have known better, after all, this is her generations outlet.
Blaylock posted her "whatever" poses for "whoever" to notice. This is not WWAY's fault that she thinks she's hot.
They may have wanted to show her as she and her agent sees her!

Publicity did wonders for LiLo, and Paris...and it did not matter one bit that it was trashy.
This isn't really trashy, but it is really peculiar!

Another words, it is right on target for the "World According to Berger", set to be released in the fall of '12. The Bio Channel should be arriving soon, or City Confidential or Ripley's Believe it or Not.

Berger, do us a favor and resign so County business can resume!


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