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Right On!

DITTO, Commonsencenotwhat!

Once again, you took the words right out of my mouth, and the only ones fighting you on this are going to be the ones not saying...Help, Help me Rhonda, help me get HIM outta my mind.

HELP, HELP ME RHONDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it isn't all rha-rha-rha for Rho Rho Rhonda... such as at the Hilton Hotel G.O.P. State Convention... with free Lunches,Dinners, cocktails and lotsa Smooooozing, or all of the CELEBRATORY parties after last Novembers take-over of the State House and Senate, then this Mover and Shaker shallowly decompresses into a little ole' frail bumpkin.

I doubt that anyone who is not living in la-la land would not conclude that a Press Conference should have been called long ago to CALL FOR Berger's IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION based on his HIGHLY questionable behavior.

Get with the program Rhonda and help, please help me recover from Brianitis!


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