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Because it's already on-line....

...where anyone has been able to find it since shortly after she took the position?

Rather than being petty, I'd say this entire incident demonstrates the worst traits that the Republican leadership in this county consistently reveals, arrogance and a general feeling that the Republican leadership doesn't have to pay any attention to the individual voter.

If Ms. Amoroso doesn't want to receive e-mails from the citizens of New Hanover County, then she should never have agreed to accept her position as head of the county Republicans.

BTW, in case no one has noticed, her phone number is posted on line as well. I'd strongly suggest that she take it and her e-mail address down immediately, because it is painfully obvious that she and her flunky do not want to do the job they signed up for. God forbid they should have to take a position on a controversial subject.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen ladies.


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