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I'm old enough to remember when police officers couldn't arrest a man for beating his wife. That is, not until she was dead or in the hospital with serious injury.

I was married to an abuser in the early seventies, and when I'd call the police after being beaten within an inch of my life I was told, "We cannot interfere in a domestic situation". This despite the officers seeing my black eyes and busted lips.

It's been through years of hard work and activism that the domestic violence laws exist as they are now in this country. These laws that give our law enforcement officers the ability to arrest an offender, independent of the victim's testimony, are saving lives.

It's very common for a victim to change their story when the police get involved due to their fear of the offender.

Berger was arrested for suspician of domestic violence, he hasn't been found gulity yet, that's up to a judge or a jury of his peers.


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