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He'll do fine!

That was his baptism in fire. You can't do a trans-Lant without expecting storms, and he really should have started thirty to forty-five days earlier to get the best weather. He should have a spare radar reflector and if not, they're cheap - he can get one and re-rig it in Bermuda.

Getting to Europe is the easy part. Coming home is more difficult because of the prevailing Westerlies, but GPS and auto-steer have made even that easier than it used to be.

This is a grown man accepting responsibility for his own actions and if he has a reasonable level of sailing skill, he's off on a fantastic adventure. How big was Chichester's Gypsy Moth? 24 feet? And he rounded both the Cape and the Horn in the Southern Oceans. I believe he pitchpoled once.

I envy you, Greg!


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