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I think this guy is fantastic! He is living a dream, on a personal quest to do something bigger than the average man. While the news today is filled with stories about our failing economy and teen suicides because of bullying, and crooked politicians, and moms who murder their children, and the constant threat of terrorism, I have to tell you that I love reading about something positive and uplifting.

I have seen comments on here people who say that this is a waste of the taxpayer's money, that he should have checked the weather before venturing out, etc, etc, etc...well shame on all of you negative Nellies!

Greg Frucci is a lifelong tax payer. If the Coast Guard was called out to do their job, well, that's their job...regardless of who is out there. And this trip was privately funded. If you didn't help fund it, then you don't have a dog in this fight. And the people who did help are all supporters of this dream and have no complaints. So let's drop that tactic from here on out shall we?

And, I don't know ANYONE who can predict the weather with even 60% accuracy so the comments about needing to check the weather before venturing out is just sour grapes.

I am loving the fact that in today's world, there are still people out here who want to dream bigger than what they have been told is the limit. Greg Frucci is one of those people and I am so happy to read something in the news that makes me smile and makes me proud to live in a country where you can get up in the morning and decide to do something like this.

Go GREG!!!


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