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First off he's a NOVICE with very limited knowledge and skill. Any experienced ocean going person knows that this is the WORST time of year to adventure out on a trip like this ESPECIALLY with no experience...obviously if he was a seasoned sailor he would know this.
This time of year is notorious for:

1. Pop up thunderstorms (little ole sailboat with masts on a flat ocean...REALLY bad idea).

2. Squalls

3. Freighters (anytime of year) on auto pilot that really don't care about (or can see) a small sailboat and that certainly are NOT going to move out of his way

4. Rogue waves

5. Really active Highs and Lows and Jetstream

6. Seas that can change in a heartbeat with the jetstream etc.

There's a line between "Fate" and STUPID or UNEDUCATED.

"Consulting" or "studying" and NOT A SUBSTITUTE for hands on EXPERIENCE. Just because you've consulted people about nuclear reactors and studied them does NOT mean you can walk into Progress Energy and work on a reactor. You have to have hands on EXPERIENCE.


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