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That is a Fact, but first...

they will go to the shelter and get a "free" meal, but only if they cannot con someone by panhandling first for money because they would starve to death otherwise.

THERE ARE 60 Wilmington AGENCIES who ENABLE with these PEOPLE DAILY...

Market Street motels are full of homeless shelter people on the 3rd of EVERY month, thanks to the much coveted $673.00 'disABILITY check.

Ability to commit fraud on the tax payers begins on the 3rd of the month, MONTH after Month. Sex, drugs and rock and roll, well, don't forget beer and wine! Motivated by the fun in the sun, and ease of it all, the hustle begins when the $$$$$$$$$$$$ runs low.

You'd think some of the social-workers who work so hard to add to the entitlements already being abused by these criminals would have a clue about this abuse of taxpayers money and report these individuals to the Medicaid and Social Security offices.

Of course, I am only referencing those who use the shelters to claim homelessness, while using the hotels along Market and CBR to PARTY heartily on the 3rd of every month, out of money by the 6th, back to the hustle...or if raining, to the Shepherd.

Hey Bleeding Hearts, bring it on, you know more than anyone that what I say is TRUE!

And the morale of the story is NEVER GO TO MEET A WOMAN AT A MARKET STREET MOTEL unless you are crraaaazy!


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