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I think it's an outright

I think it's an outright shame that they are moving Mrs. Skipper from Cape Fear Middle School. I also have a child that attends the school and they love Mrs. Skipper. She's a wonderful principal and she really cares about her kids. As far as I can tell the staff love her as well and I'm pretty sure, just like Mr. Skipper, Mrs. Skipper did not ask to be moved. However, this isn't the "money" side of the county so it doesn't matter what is in the best interest of the school or the kids, the powers that be will do what they want and what we say or think doesn't count a whole lot, or I should say, doesn't count at all. They don't want a disruption at Topsail because Mr. Skipper is doing such a wonderful job, which I'm sure he is, well, how about the same consideration for Mrs. Skipper and reinstate her immediately because the exact same can be said for her and the job she has done at Cape Fear Middle!! You ever heard the saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it"?


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