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Did the board finally

Did the board finally realize that she was just trying to ruin another administrator's career? Her career is the one that needs to be ruined. When she screws with administrators, she screws with kids' futures. The board should let her go before she is supposed to go, because she is incompetent. She needs to leave now. The board should look back and investigate how many other administrators and teachers she has tried to ruin. They would not only be shocked, but ashamed as well. The board should not take what she or any other superintendent says as the truth, they should investigate and give people their due process and quit cutting those, "behind closed doors" deals just to move or get rid of people who stand up against Sholar and Manning. At one point during the school year, Mr. Skipper stood up against Sholar because of a lack of support he was given on a school issue (which had happened on numerous other occasions before). He knew, as others did, that this or something else was coming and that she was going to, "get him". She is leaving now because she has stirred things up so much that she herself can't take it anymore. In addition, the associate superintendent tells her what to do and sits back and watches her make mistakes. Do you think she wants the job?


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