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Lawyer Sailfish does a hatchet job on Jon David

Lawyers Sailfish's hate filled comments about the Supreme Court's case while correct are difficult for non lawyers to figure out and understand. - so let me help.

In the appeal process everything is thrown into the suit in hopes of an overturn or at least the case is heard. Writs are legal terms which are used to plead for certain outcomes. writ of Supersedes, if approved, suspends the lower court ruling, writ of Certiorari, if approved, tells the lower court to send the case to the higher court, and writ of Mandamus, if approved, says that one party has jurisdiction over another party.

In this case Jon David appealed on all three counts. Jon David won in that the writ of Supersedes was approved and the ruling of the Court of Appeal which dismissed the case was suspended and the writ of Certiorari was approved and the Supreme Court would hear the case. The Writ of Mandamus as that would mean that Jon David would have been able to overrule Judge Jolly. The fact that the order does not have a 30 day for submission is not relevant here, because the case will be heard. By the way, the case file was hard to find as it was on page 22 of a 38 page list of cases heard by the Supreme Court. It could only be traced by the case number.

To characterize this as a Jon David loss is disingenuous from lawyer sailfish. One might ask why lawyer sailfish wants this case to go away. What are sailfish and the lawyer friends afraid of?
Folks I can tell you this, there is a lot more garbage here that many do not want exposed.

This case is about the loss of traffic court. This was set up to handle minor traffic tickets for proof of registration, insurance and inspection. A person getting these tickets could go early in the morning without a lawyer, show proof that the problem was corrected and the DA would dismiss the charges. With traffic court no longer in place, the person getting the ticket now has to go to regular court, sit there for hours, hire a lawyer to get his case heard. Traffic court is a great way to ease the crowded court system at a low cost.

How much has Jon David spent on this fight? It does not matter, as this fight is for justice and righting a wrong done on the public by Judge Jolly and his supporters in the Brunswick, Columbus and Bladen County Bar Associations. This whole mess is part of the culture of corruption in the counties and to neuter the DA so that he is ineffective in fighting all of this.


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