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Here's something you might wish to consider...

Mr. McKoy usually has something worth listening to...None of us are all profound, waxed and poetic, 24/7.

Maybe this young man might decide to find Mr. McKoy, find out what he has to say and then follow his guidance. He has done this for a while. A strong role model might be a handy thing to have around for this young man. We'e always hearing about how kids need role models; then we go and talk badly about them when they speak up becuase it didn't suit us; it didn't make us feel GOOD. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. Life is not easy; it's not a feel GOOD party. We all get a trip to the woodshed once in a while. We probably needed more trips there than we actually received.

Then we're talk all about "respect". Maybe it's time we showed Mr. McKoy some respect and listen instead of making all this noise on the TV. Baby, your wonderful grandmother is not going to be there forever.

We might ALL learn something. All of us, me included. I'd make an appointment, take a notebook and a pencil to TAKE NOTES if it were me. It's called growing up. I'd take my punishment and come back to CSD with my head up like a big boy learning how to grow into a young man. You can do it!


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