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same old song and dance

Yes, I am a member of the NAAWP, that's working people, I am so sick of every time one of these worthless freeloaders who live in apartments that I pay for, eat food that I pay for, use cell phones that I pay for, get caught doing something illegal, they cry racism.
If our government would cut out all the freebees to everyone of any color, then this country will go forward. Most all good people have to work all their life to pay for all the others to sit at home freeloading. No person alive today was ever a slave nor has anyone alive ever owned a slave. Just because of the past, before any of us was alive, every good person has been done wrong. Today, the working class is slave to the freeloaders, of all colors.
I wish that every government handout would stop and everyone would have to work to eat, the reason so many from Mexico are here is because so many of us get to sit home and get a check each month and not work. Make babies and the check gets bigger. I have raised my children, paid my bills, worked all my life, never had a government check and no one is any better than me, but my taxes help pay for freeloaders, of ALL colors and that isn't right. The grand mother here wants the child back in school because it's free daycare most likely with free meals and she can sit in the AC while working people work outside in 100 degree heat to pay for her good life. STOP ALL GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS, AND MAKE EVERONE WORK. I know Mr. Mckoy and he is a fine truthful man and is black but a hard working man like myself so these lowlife freeloaders are eating and sleeping and making babies off his hard work also, it's always funny how it's racism this and racism that, the little sweet boy did no wrong, right, they never do in their parents, oh were are they in this?, and the grandparents eyes, most likely the grandmother second failure at raising a child, but grandma, give it time, you can always do better with the greatgrand child and you get another 18 years of my money.


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