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Urinating contest?? Seriously?

It has NOTHING to do with religious mindset or principals...

But it has EVERYTHING to do with the foundation upon which this country was built. Take away the foundation and the house will fall and fail. This country is well on its way to falling and failing already.
If you think it makes no difference then maybe you should go back just within the past 60 years or so and see how fast this Country has gone down hill. Start with:

1. Taking prayer out of school

2. Removing the ten commandments

Then in another twenty or thirty years or so, look back and see the difference between the "One nation, UNDER GOD" and the "One nation" America...then try to explain to your grandchildren that people like you who though that it was no big deal and that people needed to just "chill out" are the reason they live in a socialist society.

Have a great day Guest666 and enjoy leaving post on here while you still know before the government takes away our freedom of speech too. But you probably won't even realize when it happens...'cause you'll just be "chilling out".


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