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Yes, you DO have a long way to go.....

So you sincerely believe that only Christians pray and follow the Ten Commandments?

Okay, let's tackle the latter, first. Jews certainly believe in and accept the Ten Commandments. Muslims have every one of the Ten Commandments reflected in the teaching of the Koran; they are not lain out 1,2,3.., but they're all there.

As far as praying, we have to include many beyond Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Hindus pray. Sikhs pray. Shitoists pray. Krishnas pray.

Buddhists don't pray, per se, as they don't believe in a specific God, but it is interesting to note that they do embrace teachings that represent six of the Ten Commandments.

So in closing, it is quite plain to see that if you think abandoning prayer and the Ten Commandments is good, about ninety percent of the world thinks you're an idiot....but as long as you think you're cool, I guess that's all that matters.


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