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Medical Insurance

I find it hard to believe that physicians are monetarily shortchanged. In my opinion, they are double billing and being reimbursed for this. I went to Wilmington Health for an annual physical. A week later when I received my statement from BCBSNC, I noticed that I had been billed twice for the same appointment, and charged a handling fee for blood work that was ordered. After calling BCBSNC, I was told that during my 10 minute "annual physical," I must have discussed something non-preventative, because the physical appointment pays for only "preventative measures." So, the physician was billing an additional appointment at $200 for their "educational and professional knowledge." I discussed 4 things with my 10 minutes. In addition to being billed for the extra lab work, the MD billed an additional $25 for????---I'm not sure what,- a "handling fee." So, I now have to pay an additional out-of-pocket of about $140. And BCBSNC doesn't blink an eye and reimburses the physicians this double billing. And we wonder why our health costs are so high? The next time I see my physician, when she asks, "so how is this or that?", my response will be," I can't answer that; you get to bill me another $200 if I answer."
I am absolutely outraged. I can't believe that this is acceptable. If I had a plan that required a co-pay would I have had to pay 2 co-pays for 2 visits when I left the office? I think not! And that is why most of us would not notice this billing practice, unless you have a policy like I do: $5000 out of pocket for BCBSNC negotiated rate and then they cover at 100%. Shortchanged? No! Double billing and getting away with it! Something needs to be done!


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