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Why is this becoming such a common trend?

Why is this kind of stuff happening more and more often in the schools systems? What type of people are parents really sending their children off to spend the day with to "educate" them more? Why isn't the school system making sure people like this do NOT get a job teaching? Jobs are so hard to come by these days why on earth would you put yours on the line for the inappropriate attention of someone half your age? And for all of you who believe this is a hoax, and that the records haven't been could you be so ignorant? You really think the wife of a sheriff would be behind bars without some form of evidence? It clearly shows you highly lack any form of further education to think something of that to be true. It's not just this case but the number of cases of this nature that happen in the US annually clearly shows that this is a growing problem. These children are the future of this country, they are sent to school to be educated to keep this Nation running and to better it; not to be getting hit on by their teachers. How are these kids going to know respect if their teachers, their mentors, educators, coaches, have none for themselves?


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