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What are parents thinking?

People, people, people. This is something in the water in Pender County but the teachers are not drinking it, It's the parents. Why put your child in the public eye knowing things are going to come out in the long run. You make these people lose jobs, family, respect from others when they are trying to educate your children. With the Sloan case, ask them where the student is now that got this awesome man fired. He is or was in jail for breaking and entering on the elder people in whitestocking. Here this man is on trail one week and his accuser is sitting in jail the next. Then tell me why would a teacher with high expectations of students and all that she has to lose even think to do this. I don't believe the news or this mother. She has put her son in the public eye. Everybody that knows her, knows that she is always looking for a show. If you know the mother you know the son. Am not judging Mantooth til the whole story comes out becuase of this mother. She got issues putting her son in the public. Then why didn't other parents come forth before now. Stop, think and listen before you judge people, if she is suspended with pay there is more to the story then we are being told. WHen you dig one ditch, you better dig two. Am not saying Mantooth was right either. We will see...................


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