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Believe me you will ...

If you do believe this isn't true: Believe me you and many others, including Ms. Mantooth, will have to get on your knees and ask for God's forgiveness. You and the many others that doubt that this mother has done the right thing by bringing this to the attention of the authorities are sadly mistakened. I know the facts and I want get into that, because the court system will. I feel for the children that are caught in the middle. And none of the 13 yr. olds family is pointing the finger at no one except the responsible party...Ms. Mantooth. I hope the only thing gained in this is that other children are saved from having to go through this, and justice is served, and Ms. Mantooth seeks/gets the help she needs. And I know it's not what I should say but....I would really like to see all of your faces when the truth comes out that this mother is not lying, but telling the truth. I can just feel the sorrow and shame you will feel. Will you all have enough courage/or respect then to step up and apologize to this mother and her family??? The records don't lie and neither does this mother and her family. May God forgive you all and Ms. Mantooth. God watches over his children and that's what we as parents are to do also....THINK ABOUT IT!!!


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