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PCSH has the phone records,

Thanks for saying it...I was going to but I figured that I had said enough, but everyone will see in a month when court is over. There are alot of people who are either stupid or who just can't read... or are really not friends with Megan. I know I have wriiten on here what has happened several times now, and if they were her friends, she would have the guts to tell the truth. Enough is Enough. I know that ALOT of parents today let their kids run their homes and do as they please, as well as cuss and smoke and do drugs, but NOT the mother of the child involved in this.OH FOR THE RECORD~ THIS CHILD DID NOT FAIL HIS GRADE EITHER~ So for all you people who think that this mother is one of " those" types of mom's so get over yourself. I know that everyone has this concept of Megan being this wonderful person and in someways I am sure she is but let me tell you now, she has her own demons to fight and this is one of them. As far as keeping this private and keeping it between the 2 families~ in your dreams~ she deserves to be prosecuted! What the public knows so far is only the tip of the iceburg!


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