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you crazy locals!

You local folks are pure comedy right out of Mayberry. You WANT to believe she is not capable of acting this way. "She was my teacher, she gave me good grades", "She is too nice", "She is a good christian". Take of your rose colored glasses people, no one wants you to see their bad side. Of course you think she is nice. But what does that have to do with anything that happened? The 13yr old boy must think she is nice too right? Maybe she is a good cook also, and probably knits well judging by looking the picture here. So what! Does not pertain to the charges at hand so quit it already with all the she is nice comments. The ones with all the nice sweet things to say are just locals, friends or students. And also shows how your not very nice yourself by not considering the victims which are the family of the boy. Now the boy he could be a saint, and a christian and a nice person also... or he could be a royal jerk. But again that is irrelevant to the charges.
Case in point: Hitler was LOVED by his people, they thought he was nice and a good cook also. But the rest of the world saw him differently considering what he was doing.

1.This ladies husband is an officer or detective for the Pender County Sheriff. Her mom also holds some title there, sorry not sure what but its more than a secretary. Dont you think the charges were seriously looked at with more than a reasonable doubt before they charged her? The proof has to be there plain as day for her to be charged considering this. If you get a chance to watch the video of this story, slow down or pause when they show the cellphone. Read some more of the messages they did not mention. The messages she sent are very sexual and leading up to a meet, she was obviously waiting for the right moment and really working up the sexual tension between them. If that does not make your stomach turn, then your not human.

2. But if all that is not enough for you, and the hero which is still innocent in your minds needs saving. Then relax, considering the husbands position at the Pender County Sherrif the "good Ole boy" system will pull thru for her. This will all magically disappear soon enough and evidence will be intentionally with-held at her court appearance that could possibly incriminate her.


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