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I can't help but notice how

I can't help but notice how many people are saying that there's no way this woman could have done what she's accused of. Typically, the crowd on here completely bashes the "low-lifes" and "thugs" that have been arrested, and screams for them to be locked up and for the key to be thrown away. Is it because she's a pretty young white girl? I usually can't stand it when someone plays the race-card, especially as an excuse for bad behaviour, but I just have to wonder why there is such an outpouring of support in this case when the norm of this website is swift condemnation of the accused. Surely these posters can't all be personal friends with this woman to know her well enough to make an informed decision as to her character. Just remember, no matter how nice and pleasant someone seems, you never really know what lies underneath. Almost every time a serial killer is arrested, their neighbors talk about how nice and pleasant people they were. I am personally going to wait and see how this unfolds before I make my decision about her...


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