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How can you draw the race card on THIS one?

I thought I had seen the race card thrown at nearly every situation. That is, until I read your rediculous post! The "low-lifes" and "thugs" you reference usually are identifiable due to their extensive criminal records, the types of crimes they commit, their demeanor and their appearance. They also come in black white, yellow and red. The outpouring of support for this young lady is attributable to several factors. One is her LACK of a criminal history. TWO is her outstanding performance as a child educator. THREE, she is a family person with children of her own. FOUR, cellphones are absolutely the most unsecure method of communication available and EASILY altered by hackers to do the very same thing this woman is accused of. I am not even allowed to have a cell phone in my possession at work due to thier inherent security risks and the corporate information I have access to.
So, do you now understand the difference between "thugs" and "pretty young white girls" as you so term them? Oh...and to mention one other tidbit, nobody gives a hooie about what YOUR decision is about her! It isn't worth a plug nickel...

I don't lean either way on her guilt or innocence, but I do hope some serious investigation will bring out the truth. I think the entire scenario looks might fishy. I also hope you can find it within yourself to get that big, fat chip off of your shoulder! It will help you live longer and happier to rid youself of that acid in your soul.


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