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Good Ole Burgaw

In a place where the sidewalks roll up at 7:30 p.m., the flow of traffic is almost nil, and the gossip mills run wild like a junkie in LA, you knew it was going to happen. You gotta look at it like this: There is absolutely nothing going on at any given time, so when something big happens, the people act like Florida drivers in a snowstorm. Their mouths run rampant with a bad case of diarrhea, see the post where the person said Mantooth had applied to go back to high school, and everyone is acting like a dancing chicken. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending her at all. I am, however, pointing out that those in glass houses are the ones throwing the stones. Putting her kids (who can't defend themselves), and her husband (whose job as a Deputy really doesn't matter), in this makes as much sense as a 10 year old in diapers. It's wrong, and it's mind boggling. Burgaw has always been a place where people love to talk, and always will be. I can say that because I know first hand. Good people make bad decisions, and sometimes idiotic ones. And no, good folks that are reading this, I am not calling her an idiot. I'm saying she made a bone head decision. Is it possible someone hacked her phone and sent it to the kid? Why sure it is; just as it's possible that we are all perfect.


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