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Chill out - I'm not playing

Chill out - I'm not playing the race card. I was simply asking a question, wondering if she had so much support because of the way she looks. I'm a white guy raised in the suburbs who
get fed-up when minorities use race as an excuse as to why they're being arrested, unemployed, etc. I was just posing the question as to why she has so much support when she is an accused stalker, and possibly a pedophile. This type of crime, the victimization of children, is about as bad as you can get. I also don't have a chip on my shoulder. I just think it's curious as to why everyone thinks she couldn't have done it.

Criminal history has nothing to do with guilt or innocence. I don't think Ted Bundy had a criminal history before becomeing a mass-murderer. And people loved him. You mentioned appearance, Bundy dressed like he came from the country club. The Duke LAX boys (also white) were condemned by the DA, the press, and the general public, but they turned out to be innocent. You just never know until the truth comes out in the end.

I was curious as to why people who have never even heard of this girl are so quick to say she's innocent without waiting for the facts to come out, but usually completely trash others as soon as the story of the arrest is printed.


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