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I love some of these

I love some of these comments about how easy spoofing is, how easy it would be to fake, etc. Spoofing is becoming more common, there are free ways to spoof... but some of the assumptions here are completely incorrect from a technical side of things. If you guys had any idea of how a mobile network actually works- the tune would change severely. Literally, when you use your mobile phone, certain teams within your phone company can break down the records to show EVERY detail of that call or message- from the content to the time it was sent, the serial number of the device or mobile ip that the request came from (data), the phone number, the type of device, the time, the towers it came from if it's a call, etc. if it IS a spoof, that can be traced as well (even though there is not much a company can do for spoofing).

Whether or not the messages were sent from her can be proven to a pretty certain degree. I doubt the sheriff's department would arrest without either probable cause or some sort of evidence that could be taken to trial that they believe is pretty much solid.


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