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Re-read my post, you still appear confused.

I explained to you why she has so much support. I explained the difference between "thugs and low-lifes" vs. upstanding citizens that contribute positively to our society. I did NOT explain why some serial killers slither through society hiding themselves in sheeps clothing as that was NOT on topic. I'm sorry, but to see a dreadlock encrusted thug that has a 10 page felony laced rap sheet get arrested for armed robbery would lend one to believe, "He probably did it!". It isn't about color, it is about lifestyle and history.

The teacher does not have a criminal record, she is an upstanding child educator, has a pleasant appearance and demeanor and is accused of a crime that COULD easily be perpetrated by a hacker. "NECKO" on the other hand, has a head full of black snakes, a tattoo on side of his neck, has multple felony drug convictions, has a punk-a$$ed demeanor and will now serve 35 years in the clinker for dealing drugs. Do these facts do anything to satisfy your curiosity?

Now, I can guarantee you that the investigators will get to the end of this in short order. I can also guarantee you that IF it is found and proven that she actually commited these offenses herself, NOBODY will continue to support her, including myself.

While a lot of people posting here would like to see 5 gallons of gaoline poured over this teachers head and ignited without trial, I tend to think the whole scenario just doesn't add up and smells mighty fishy! I can't wait to see the FACTS!

Remember, this woman is not a convicted serial murderer like Bundy or Dahmer as you tend to compare. She is accused of "allegedly" sending inappropriate text messages to a student. There's a weeeee bit a gap there, don't you think?


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