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People leave her alone!

Dude this is a prime example of cyberbullying. Megan didn't even do a thing! I know Megan but I'm glad I don't know the mother of this kid, I feel bad for him, even if he did do it. Ok, since I've had my phone hacked just like this before, let me explain how this works. (A) kid walks into room while megan's not there and sends texts off her phone (B) kid go's to verizon wireless website and sends messages there, or (C) some kid (or parent, hint hint) made up the whole conversation, once again on verizon's website, just to get attention, which in my oppinion, I think it's very clear who has been getting the most attention off this. Just go back into the article and look who's name is mentioned so many times as if she's a hero. Just my oppinion, it's sad how so many people like her, and even the one time I was, can be framed so easily.


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